With Easter right around the corner, Ferrero's Fannie May is sharing its limited-time-offer holiday lineup.

Consumers can snag the goodies at Fannie May stores (click here for full list) or online at FannieMay.com and on Amazon.

The lineup includes:

 Milk Chocolate Bunny - 6-oz. ($7.99): Crafted from silky smooth premium milk chocolate, this solid Milk Chocolate Bunny   is a true Easter Classic.

 Dark Chocolate Bunny - 6-oz. ($7.99):

 Crafted from rich, smooth, decadent premium dark chocolate, this solid Dark Chocolate Bunny is a true Easter Classic.   

 White Chocolate Bunny - 6-oz. ($7.99)

 Crafted from sweet and creamy white chocolate, this solid White Chocolate Bunny is a true Easter Classic.

 Cream Eggs - 8-pc. - Gift Box ($29.99):

 These popular 2-oz. eggs hold creamy fillings that are coated by premium milk chocolate and pastel confection.  The gift box includes 8 eggs of Fannie May Famous chocolate, 2 Vanilla Buttercream, 2 Trinidad, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream, Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter, Milk Fruit and Nut, & Green May Egg.

 Milk Chocolate Pixies - 1-lb. ($27.99)

 A long running fan favorite of Fannie May’s, these treats are the perfect combination of silky rich caramel and crunchy   pecans doused in milk chocolate. 

 Mint Meltaways - 1-lb. - Gift Box ($29.99)

 One of Fannie May’s most popular fine chocolate confections. These perfect Easter treats feature creamy mint-chocolate centers coated in beautiful spring pastels green, yellow, and pink.

 S'mores Snack Mix - 18-oz. ($14.99)

 This snack mix brings consumers the taste of Fannie May wrapped up in a bag. The  snack mix features crunchy     graham crackers and fluffy marshmallows coated in smooth silky milk chocolate. 

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