Maud Borup has announced its commitment to using fair trade chocolate in their candy, confections, and food gifts. As a certified B Corp, the company continues to strengthen its dedication to sustainable and equitable business and production practices through a relationship with fair trade chocolate producers.

By using fair trade chocolate, Maud Borup is making an impact supporting cocoa farmers and workers that may struggle to make a living and often live in poverty. Fair trade helps ensure cocoa farmers get a fair price for the products, resulting in a more equitable world. With a commitment to fair trade and practices that support human rights, Maud Borup is doing its part to end unethical child labor and gender inequity.

“Our customers trust us to provide products that use high quality ingredients and respect the hard work of farmers around the world. We appreciate our suppliers and will continue to take steps to engage in fair and equitable trade practices,” says Christine Lantinen, president and owner, Maud Borup.

At the Sweets and Snacks Expo, the brand debuted fair trade chocolates for Easter 2025, featuring "Wannabe Bunnies": unconventional and whimsical chocolate chicks disguised as bunnies by wearing floppy bunny ears. The assortment showcases a solid milk chocolate and larger semi-solid milk and white chocolate "bunny."

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