Verve Inc.’s all-naturalGlee Gumis expanding its presence in Canada, thanks to a partnership with Directa Distribution in Pointe-Claire, Quebec.Glee Gumjoins the ranks of more than 100 brands of natural and organic foods that Directa has supplied to health food stores, groceries and pharmacies since 1982.

“AsGlee Gum’s popularity in the rest of Canada continues to surge, we are thrilled for the chance to launch the line in Quebec,” says Deborah Schimberg, president and founder of Providence, R.I.-based Verve.

Free from artificial coloring, flavoring, sweeteners and preservatives,Glee Gum is made “the old-fashioned way” with chicle, a natural tree sap harvested from the rainforests of Central America. The gum is eco-friendly from the ingredients down to its packaging, which is made of recycled cardboard.

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