Chocolate chocolate chocolate family
(Left to right) Christina, Dan Jr., Rosalie and Dan Abel Sr. pose for a quick photo at a recent non-profit event.  

The Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company soon will have more space space space.

The St. Louis-based chocolatier has announced plans to open a new state-of-the art 30,000-sq.-ft. chocolate factory in the heart of its hometown later this year.

“It will serve as our new company headquarters, candy kitchen and distribution center for our retail and gourmet wholesale division,” says Dan Abel Sr., founder and ceo of Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate.   

Their new facility will double production on the first day and will increase production tenfold, the company says. It also will include the addition of a 100-ft. enrobing line, which will make 6.5 lbs of candy every minute. However, the company points out that the change will
not affect the quality of the artisanal chocolates.

The Abels will continue to use the finest ingredients, recipes passed down through generations as well as retain the artisanal touch that their chocolates have always received.

And lest anyone doubt the process, the factory also will be open for tours.

“In keeping with Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company’s tradition of inspiring curiosity and passion for chocolate, my family will be offering tours to curious visitors so that everyone can experience the art of chocolate,” Abel explains “Our mission is to bring the joy of chocolate to all and deliver “a smile in every box.”

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate started in 1981, when Dan and his wife Rosalie opened their first store. The kitchen’s glass storefront allowed customers and curious passersby to see the chocolate artists at work, as they crafted their sweet confections behind large copper kettles.

Today, the company still is run by Dan, Rosalie and their three children — Dan Jr., Christina and Chris.

They currently operate eight retail stores, making the addition of their new factory their 9th — more than any other local candy company. Their product also is available in all 23 Dierbergs supermarkets, local tourist attractions and the St. Louis Airport.

In addition, the company ships its products as well as St. Louis’ oldest chocolatier, Mavrakos Chocolates products, to customers in all 50 U.S. states. And, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate has wholesale representatives in 18 states, set to reach 48 states by the end of the year. The company also produces private-label products for gourmet chocolate companies across the U.S.

 Tours will be available at 5025 Pattison Avenue. For tour hours and more information visit: or call (888) 222-7710.