Colombian chocolate manufacturer Luker Chocolate has launched Caramelo 33%, a caramel chocolate couverture. 

Crafted at origin, the caramel chocolate combines Luker’s signature Cacao Fino de Aroma and sustainability practices with one of the most popular confectionery flavors in the world. In an effort to drive wellbeing across the value chain, Luker collaborates with farmers to grow cocoa while protecting the environment, boosting local economies and developing rural communities. 

Caramelo 33% is the latest offering from Luker and the first within its new “Sensación” indulgent product line. This couverture highlights the unique flavor notes of Cacao Fino de Aroma with a balanced caramel flavor. Luker uses caramelized milk to create a classic, sweet flavor and velvety smooth finish, inspired by the traditional caramel-like treats found in different regions of Colombia like “arequipe” and “manjar blanco.”

As a base chocolate, it can be used in confectionery, snacking and baking applications. Its flavor pairs with inclusions such as hazelnut or sea salt. It is also perfect for panning a crunchy center like cashews or cocoa nibs.

Caramelo 33% is available for purchase worldwide, and available for direct purchase online in the UK.