After a decade off retail shelves, Iconic Candy, in partnership with Mars Wrigley, is bringing the Creme Savers brand back to market. 

Fans have missed the iconic red-and-white swirled Strawberries & Creme hard candies, and Mars Wrigley and Iconic Candy were listening. This revival comes during a time when consumers yearn for a return to simpler and happier times. 

Iconic Candy, which has a mission of bringing back long sought-after confections in their original form, knows there are a handful of candies that can serve as a portal in time. During its heyday, Creme Savers hard candies came in many fruit, tropical, and dessert-inspired varieties. 

During their initial reintroduction, Creme Savers will be available in the two most popular of the flavors: Strawberries & Creme and Orange & Creme, in the original peg bag and roll formats. Iconic Candy has worked alongside Mars Wrigley in reformulating the original flavor profiles and remastering the blends to recapture the magical taste of the Creme Savers brand.

Creme Savers candies will be available nationwide in all 1,414 Big Lots stores across 47 states starting in mid-September.