Goody Good Stuff, Salford, United Kingdom
0845 643 9333
Goody Good Stuff, a company that produces gummies made only of all-natural ingredients and a revolutionary, plant-derived bio-gum that alleviates the need for meat-based gelatin, is debuting a new line in the United States and the United Kingdom.Goody Good Stuffgummies are made with natural fruit and vegetable extracts for flavoring and coloring, and contain no artificial additives or colors. They are certified vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal, and are nut- , dairy- , gluten- and fat-free. The product comes in eight flavors: Cheery Cherries, Strawberry and Cream, Cola Breeze, Sour Fruit Salad, Tropical Fruit, Koala Gummy Bears, Summer Peaches, and Sour Mix and Match.
Ingredients (Koala Gummy Bears):Corn syrup, sugar, gelling agent, carrageen, acidulant, citric acid, acidity regulator, trisodium citrate, flavours, concentrates of fruits and plants (orange, elderberry, lemon, aronia, blackcurrant, apple, kiwi, spinach, nettle), vegetable oil, glazing agent, yellow beeswax, carnauba wax, elderberry extract, fructose, invert sugar syrup.