Cémoi is building on its long-standing commitment to producing high-quality, sustainable chocolate.

The manufacturer is launching a new initiative called "Transparence Cacao," which will involve a €20-million investment over the next three years and action plans specific to each cocoa cooperative and the 60,000 planters involved in supplying Cémoi's cocoa.

The initiative will also work to improve the standards of living for cocoa producers while monitoring each stage of the chocolate production process to ensure traceability.

 “Transparence Cacao reflects Cémoi’s commitment to the sector as a major player in cocoa and chocolate," says Patrick Poirrier, ceo, Cémoi Group. "It’s a sincere, continuous improvement strategy and an invitation for our customers to stand alongside us.”

Quality plays a major role in Cémoi's production process. The new initiative is built upon four areas:

●     Food quality: Knowing where the cocoa comes from and having full traceability.
●     Flavor quality: Chocolate that expresses subtle, delicate flavors.
●     Planter quality of life: Chocolate that enables planters to support their families, including having access to water, electricity, health care, schooling, and the ability to invest in tools.
●     Environmental quality: Environmentally friendly chocolate.

Cémoi has been a pioneer in sustainable development for more than 20 years. It already has existing programs and partnerships in key production regions in Africa and South America.

In order to further its efforts in sustainable development, Cémoi has recently signed new partnerships with ECOTIERRA and the Office Ivoirien des Parcs et Réserves and the Fondation pour les Parcs et Réserves de Côte d’Ivoire with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the quality of life for planters.

But the efforts don't end there.

The company encourages consumers and clients alike to help support the Transparence Cacao by buying Cémoi cocoa beans, semi-finished, and finished products to fund the initiative. Direct action in the field, like building fermentation centers, improving access to harvesting areas, organizing farming teams and training courses, and funding waste management training, can also help.

Although "Transparence Cacao" will appear on Cémoi product packaging in 2016, there are already four different bars available as part of the initiative:

●     Dark Dessert 66 percent cocoa – Sao Tome
●     Dark 72 percent cocoa – Ecuador
●     Quinoa dark 64 percent cocoa
●     Dark orange 64 percent cocoa