With the ever-changing global economy, companies cannot rest on their laurels. Thankfully, equipment makers are rising to the challenge by constantly innovating better ways to produce confections. Read on for insight into how two companies in particular, Sollich and TECNO3, continue to create equipment that’s flexible, optimized and efficient.






Sollich: Trouble-free production for decades
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Sollich KG represents innovative and comprehensive solutions for chocolate and confectionery production. The product range covers equipment for most chocolate, confectionery, snack and bakery applications.

Chocolate tempering machines present always a substantial part of the high innovative power at Sollich. The tempering machines with the model designation type TE together with the automatic Tempergraph offer a continuous quality control and thus ensure optimum tempering results in the practical case of operation. The special efficient heat transfer, resulting in machines with a relatively small construction, also allows a quick mass changeover in combination with the cleaning device.

The very successfully marketed Reworktemper type RWT 125 and RWT 250/400 have been further optimized to facilitate the optimal processing of rework masses in combination with depositing systems.












Sollich KG, one of the largest manufacturers of chocolate enrobing lines, offers machines with working width of between 320 and 2000 mm. The flagship amongst the diverse enrobing machine – the Enromat M6 [pictured] – has been further developed according to the various requirements of customers worldwide and based on the know-how of hundreds of supplied enrobing lines within the past years. The smaller enrobing machines type Minicoater MC 320 and 420 as well as the Sollcoater SC 520 – 820 complement the programme to be applied by smaller and medium sized companies or in case of smaller capacities required.

The Conbar line is the most flexible and efficient forming line for candy, cereal, nutrition, brittle and fruit bars. In combination with the Sollformat program Sollich can offer a wide range of forming equipment.

Another new innovation is the Sollcofill/Sollcocap depositing line for refining biscuits, e.g. fillings like caramel, fondant, nut paste, jelly, milk or yoghurt cream or chocolate can be deposited together with ingredients. The performance of the system has been highly increased and guarantees a high-quality production of sandwiching products. Products that do not meet the quality demands, e.g. a biscuit does not match the shape, will be sorted out automatically by the machine.

The different processing steps forming, depositing and enrobing are usually combined by intermediate cooling processes, which Sollich KG supplies in a big variety under the trademark of the Thermo-Flow Plus cooling tunnels. The advancement of the cooling tunnels in PU or, on request, in stainless steel execution meets the highest production demands and complies with the different hygienic requirements.

Sollich combines machine and processing know-how with an "innovative view into the future.” The company does not build a machine for the purpose of running a machine; rather it builds a machine to produce a finished product.

Besides innovations to improve the processing technology, the company’s R&D department in Sollich also focuses on energy savings, hygiene and increasing the overall efficiency of the production lines.

Innovation does not stop at the development of machines and processing techniques. A lot of innovation has also been devoted to the production facilities in order to build the machines in a more efficient and flexible way.

The service offered by Sollich is known to be one of the best services worldwide. Now it can be supported by the new developed Sollich “Fast Lane” Online Support to speed up the start-up of production lines as well as to support online in case of trouble-shooting online at very short-notice.

In the focus of Sollich innovations are always customers’ needs, whether for the support of developing new products, to deliver a high-quality line with high efficiency and to guarantee a trouble-free production for decades with the installed line.

The combination of the Sollich machinery together with the cooking equipment of company Chocotech for the production of sugar, jelly or caramel masses provides customers get production responsibility from one supplier and thus also ensures an efficient and a quickest possible commissioning of the production lines.






TECNO 3: Cutting-edge systems for the confectionery and chocolate industry

Founded in 1988, TECNO 3 designs and creates cutting-edge systems for the confectionery and chocolate industry, in particular for cocoa, chocolate, nut and semi-finished products. We start from the cocoa bean, through to the cleaning, debacterization, roasting, nibs production and grinding, to get the cocoa mass.











Chocolate production requires a number of steps, from dosing and mixing of the ingredients, refining and conching and molding. Nut processing is no different, and includes everything from cleaning, roasting, peeling to grinding. The preparation of creams to be used as semi-finished products. The recent novelty is the Multiprocess [pictured], the first compact system for producing chocolate from the cocoa beans to the bar.

Other systems include: static and continuous melters for fats and solid masses; continuous and batch mixers for liquid and solid ingredients; portable or fixed storage tanks.

TECNO3’s aim is to tailor its machinery to the properties and requirements of the ingredients to be processed, in order to get the utmost quality in the final product.

As a result of an effective and consistent cooperation with the customers, the steady market needs to have flexible and versatile plants that are easy to sanitize, while also offering maximum flexibility in production changeover. And TECNO3 has developed its plants with a particular attention to the continuous process technology.

The company’s technicians and technologists constantly strive to keep up with new applications and concepts that make our plants second to none, in terms of continuous processing and quick production changeover.

TECNO3’s test laboratory also gives customers the possibility to run trials with their products. In fact, the whole processing cycle is reproduced, starting from the cocoa bean roasting up to the end product ready to be molded.

The company’s passion for its work is the driving force that leads its customers, its technologists and its technicians to aim for continuous enhancements, strengthening its willing to grow.