BENEO sampled the first toffees made with its functional carbohydrate Palatinose.

The new product concept replaces more than 30 percent of the high glycemic sugars contained in a standard toffee recipe, supporting a lower blood glucose response.

The increasing global focus on nutrition means that more and more consumers are searching for guilt-free indulgence. However, market research has shown that for many this still remains a challenge: one third (31 percent) of European consumers, always or most of the time, feel guilty when they are snacking. Half of German consumers and nearly two thirds of consumers in Spain, Poland and France agree that there aren’t enough healthy sweets available.

The team of experts at the BENEO-Technology Center decided to create a healthier toffee supporting a lower blood glucose response as an alternative to existing toffee products on the market which can contain up to 65 percent of high glycemic sugars.

“Traditionally toffees conjure up pure indulgence and nostalgia, but at the same time, time a relatively unhealthy image for consumers. However, the new toffees with Palatinose that BENEO presents at ISM preserve the traditionally creamy-sweet taste and the pleasant bite and mouthfeel of their traditional counterparts. But they have a significantly better nutritional profile, with a lower blood glucose response,” says Thomas Schmidt, marketing director at BENEO. “This is BENEO’s answer to growing consumer interest in ‘better carbs’ and their wish to balance blood sugar levels whilst enjoying an indulgent treat.”

Palatinose (isomaltulose) is derived from sugar beet and has similar technological properties as sucrose. With its mild sugar-like taste it allows flavors other than sweetness to dominate, making it well suited for sweet snacks.

Palatinose also has received EU health claims for being tooth-friendly and lowering the blood glucose response. The functional carbohydrate is fully, yet slowly released, and provides glucose in a sustained manner. This ensures that blood sugar levels stay balanced.

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