Almonds and chocolate are a match made in indulgence heaven for consumers, and don’t just take our word for it. 

New research from the California Almond Board shows that most consumers believe almonds are the ideal inclusion in chocolates.

When people pop a piece of chocolate, they’re treating themselves, de-stressing, relaxing and savoring. It’s no wonder almonds have become such a popular addition to their chocolate chewing.

Almond’s natural crunchy, texture, nutritious benefits and delicious taste all enhance chocolate’s flavors — whether it’s milk or dark. A snack of dark chocolate with almonds is a veritable powerhouse of heart healthy fats, vitamins and antioxidants that people can be happy about munching on. 

chocolate drizzle

And as consumers become more aware of these healthy benefits, the popularity of the almond-chocolate duo is growing. According to the Almond Board, “77 percent of consumers believe that almonds make chocolate more nutritious.” 

It’s clear that the combination of chocolate and almonds is a surefire hit.More than two-thirds of consumers worldwide say they’re more likely to buy chocolate with almonds than without because they make the chocolate crunchier, more nutritious, tastier and higher quality. And, consumers worldwide believe almonds make chocolate more exciting, uplifting, rewarding, comforting and relaxing, according to research from the Sterling-Rice Group cited by the Almond Board.