Gum with vitamins? Check. Gum with nicotine? Check. Gum with marijuana? Almost.

Three companies are working together to get European Union marketing approval for the clinical development of a medical marijuana gum, including: Medical Marijuana Inc., Canipa Holdings Drive Dixie X and CanChew Gum.

Once marketing is approved and clinical trials are complete, Medical Marijuana Inc. plans to sell the gum over the counter throughout the European Union for treatment of chronic pain, muscle spasticity and nausea. Muscle spasticity, which affects many spinal cord injury and neuro-degenerative patients (such as multiple sclerosis) can create pain through nerve entrapment, while nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of cancer chemotherapy patients.

Medical Marijuana Inc., hopes to receive preliminary marketing approval in 60 days and final approval about 30 days after that, according to a media release.

The goal of the clinical trials will be to make formal European medical claims as to the effectiveness and then to have the products approved as a doctors prescribed medication and therefore qualify for insurance reimbursement.

Michael Llamas, president, Medical Marijuana Inc., says the success in the Europe will determine the company’s plans for the U.S. market. However, some of the company’s products already are available in Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal.