Bonomo Taffy

Bonomo Turkish Taffy
The Warrell Corp. Camp Hill, Pa.
(717) 761-5440

Originally debuting in the 1960’s, Bonomo Turkish Taffy NIBBLES were a big hit with young and old taffy fans alike. Marrying a soft taffy center with rich and creamy milk chocolate, these bite-size and pop-able NIBBLES are back and are a delicious treat whether you’re at the beach, catching a movie, or just on the go!

Available in two classic flavors, Banana and Vanilla, they will come in a 1.5-oz. count-goods pack, and a 4.5-oz. stand-up pouch.

Bonomo Turkish Taffy NIBBLES are innovative because they combine the chocolate and non-chocolate categories” says Richard Warrell, v.p. of sales and marketing for The Warrell Corp. “With individual bite-sized pieces, we are right on the industry trend of small consumables as well. This product is fun, delicious, and with the chocolate-taffy combination innovation, it brings Turkish Taffy beyond just the nostalgic consumer.”


S.R.P.: (1.5-oz. count goods pack)$0.99 and (4.5-oz bag) $2.99 for the 4. 5 oz. Size.