What do you do when seemingly the entire world wants to eat you? You get an insurance policy, that's what. (Or at least you try).


Mars Chocolate North America is unveiling a genre-busting new television commercial for M&M'S, which features M&M'S brand "spokescandy" Ms. Brown demanding an insurance quote from another equally iconic advertising character, the GEICO Gecko.


The spot highlights the irresistible chocolate of M&M'S in an eye-opening, head-turning way that represents one of the most memorable advertising "mash-ups" to date.  It even offers a surprise cameo from GEICO's "Hump Day" camel at the end.


It opens with Ms. Brown seated across the table from her insurance rep. She says she understands that being made out of “delicious chocolate” makes her “high risk for insurance companies”. The shot then turns to the GEICO Gecko standing across from her on his desk. He says unfortunately he can’t help her because she’s not a human. The commercial ends with the infamous GEICO camel shouting, “Guess what day it is” as Ms. Brown exits the elevator and tells him to “save it, hump boy.”


The humorous 30-second commercial is the brainchild of BBDO New York and Mars Chocolate North America, who collaborated with the private passenger auto insurance company GEICO to bring together Ms. Brown and the Gecko.


Mars is constantly searching for new ways to capture the attention of consumers, says Roy Benin, chief consumer officer of Mars Chocolate North America. "The sudden appearance of the GEICO Gecko in an M&M'S commercial is a bit of subtle misdirection that will resonate with consumers in a surprising, enjoyable manner."


Ms. Brown was introduced to audiences during a 2012 Super Bowl commercial as the brainy, tough Chief Chocolate Officer of M&M'S brand. Meanwhile, the Gecko has gained a loyal following since his early days due to his affable personality and intriguing, downright-impossible-to-place accent.


Both icons have built up a lot of brand equity, but rarely outside of their familiar surroundings, says Ted Ward, v.p. of marketing for GEICO. "The M&M’S spokescandies are recognized and beloved the world over, so if our Gecko and Camel were ever going to appear in someone else's commercial, this seemed like the perfect opportunity," he says.