Nordchocolate Ltd., the company behind kAAKAO bars, is pushing for change in EU legislation that prevents it from calling its products chocolate.
Under EU law, chocolate is classified as a combination of cocoa and sugar additives. However, kAAKAO bars are made from cocoa, cocoa butter, coconut milk and dates as a sweetener. Dates, while containing fructose and glucose, are not classified as sugar.
Nordchocolate desires to lead an effort to revamp the legislation in order to more widely market kAAKAO bars to consumers who demand more options. 
“An organic chocolate bar made with four premium ingredients that can’t be called ‘chocolate’ is a great example of how confusing current food labeling laws are,” said kAAKAO Founder Stephanie Seege. “How are consumers supposed to understand what we make? We want to change that.” 
With the aid of a Swiss partner, Nordchocolate created flavor and texture similar to chocolate without relying on sugar additives. The product is suitable for vegans, people with allergies or those with religious eating preferences. 
Each 40-gram kAAKAO bar has as much sugar as a medium-sized green apple. Available flavors include Original and Strawberry Vanilla.