Ganeden Biotech, Inc., maker of the patented probiotic strain GanedenBC30, announced it will partner with Tropical Nut & Fruit, Inc., a manufacturer of nuts, snacks, high-quality chocolate and yogurt products, in launching a line of four functional confectionery mixes. All of the mixes - the first of which features Tropical Nut & Fruit's yogurt-covered raisins, will include GanedenBC30.
Only currently available for purchase in bulk, the probiotic yogurt-covered raisins will be sampled at Ganeden Biotech's booth (3361) during this year's IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo, which kicks offs this Saturday, July 17, and runs through July 20 in Chicago.
"Ganeden's status as the industry leader, combined with the ability of GanedenBC30 to remain shelf-stable, made partnering with them a no-brainer," says Alicia Lehota, president of Tropical Nut & Fruit, Inc. "We wanted to ensure that our products maintained the same flavor and consistency when infused with a probiotic, and GanedenBC30 allowed us to do that."

According to Ganeden Biotch, GanedenBC30 can survive harsh manufacturing processes, unlike other probiotic strains. The “naturally-occurring layer of organic material that protects the genetic core of the bacteria,” allows the strain to survive the manufacturing process and “still provide its added health benefits, which includes supporting digestive and immune health,” the company says.

"We are excited to be able to provide our patented probiotic to such a great company, especially one that is similarly committed to superior customer service and nutritional excellence," adds Andrew Lefkowitz, Ganeden Biotech president and ceo. "The yogurt raisins are the first product of this partnership, but we look forward to developing similar confections and continuing to expand on this partnership in the near future."
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