When it comes to seasonal products, Hershey is in it to win it.

The Hershey Co. has the largest share of the retail ad support for seasonal candy, with 32.4 percent, and the Hershey’s bar has the largest share of retail ad support of any brand, with 18.6 percent.

That’s according to data from ECRM Analytics, which was released during the ECRM show in Denver, ECRM Candy Planning: Christmas and Halloween, held Feb. 23-26.

On the manufacturing side of things, The Hershey Co., is followed by Mars Chocolate North America, which has 19.1 percent of the retail ad support, followed by Nestle S.A. with 8.7 percent, and then Russell Stover  with 6.8 percent.

Meanwhile, on the brand side of things, Hershey’s is followed by M&M’S, which has 8.5 percent retail share of the ad support, followed by Russell Stover with 4.8 percent and M&M Mars with 4.7 percent.

When seasonal candy is broken down by type, more ads support packaged chocolate candy (29.4 percent) than any other candy. That’s followed by packaged-non chocolate candy (20.4 percent) and then premium candy (10.2 percent).

Meanwhile, retailers also were ranked as part of the data. CVS ran the most circular ads, followed by Rite Ads, Longs Drug (Hawaii) and then Walgreens.

The data was collected from the latest 52 weeks, ending Feb. 1, 2014.

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