GATSBY Chocolate is expanding its line of permissibly indulgent chocolate products with Peanut Butter Cups and an additional chocolate bar, Sea Salt Extra Dark. 

GATSBY Chocolate contains all the decadence of premium chocolate but with significantly less calories and sugar. After the brand's initial launch in June 2021, GATSBY Chocolate reformulated and rebranded, creating a melt-in-your-mouth indulgence that’s approximately half the calories compared to leading low-sugar chocolate bars.

GATSBY’s Peanut Butter Cups offer the perfect combination of two fan-favorite flavors and are only 50 calories per cup, about half the calories compared to the leading low-sugar peanut butter cups.

GATSBY’s Sea Salt Extra Dark Bar is vegan, keto-friendly and contains 60 calories and 2 grams of sugar per serving. This offering joins the current collection of Classic Milk Chocolate Style and Almond Dark Chocolate Style.

The GATSBY brand hails directly from Doug Bouton, who is best known for his role in co-founding Halo Top ice cream.

"We're incredibly excited to bring these new GATSBY products to market, both of which are our best products to date," Bouton said. "I'm extremely proud of our team because what took Halo Top three years to do – re-formulate and re-brand – we were able to do in three months with GATSBY. Our new packaging is our attempt at a 2020s take on 1920s style, contrasting the formality and stiffness of art deco designs with the vibrancy and energy of bright ombré color patterns. Now the packaging embodies contrast just like our products do as low-calorie, low-sugar products that surprisingly somehow still taste amazing."

GATSBY created a recipe using ingredients like allulose (a sweetener that naturally occurs in fruit such as figs) and a keto-friendly MCT oil, resulting in a chocolate bar that cuts the extra calories and sugar without compromising on taste or texture. GATSBY's chocolate bars and peanut butter cups are rolling out in stores in retailers across the country and online.