Goetze's Candy Co. brand Caramel Creams has found a spot in the new Baltimore in a Box Emoji app.

The app, which launched in August and is free to download on the Apple Store, features 60 emojis that represent the spirit of Baltimore.

“We are excited that our fans will now be able to text, tweet and email our candy image around the world,” says John Leipold, director of sales and marketing, Goetze’s Candy Co. “We are proud to have been making this iconic brand for over 120 years in a city that we love and are proud to be featured as one of the items that consumers can add to their Baltimore in a Box.”

Baltimore in a Box is a company that creates customizable boxes of three, five or 10 items representing Baltimore. These boxes can be shipped for free to anywhere in the United States, as well as internationally for an additional fee.

The box, says the company's website, is meant for "anyone who has had any kind of connection with Baltimore at some point in their life."