Kimmie Candy has added a chocolate lentil-forming line to its factory in Reno, Nevada.
Installed late last year, the line required an investment of more than $120,000. It’s dedicated to making a variety of custom nutritionally-enhanced centers to serve the contract manufacturing market and bolster Kimmie Candy’s existing line of products.
Kimmie Candy’s lentil products, marketed under the name Jewels, are a collection of organic, chocolate confections made with plant protein. The company is also crafting lentil products, on a contract basis, that are enriched with probiotics.
“This is the beginning of a new, guilt-free line of confections that are nutritionally enhanced,” said Kimmie Candy President and CEO Joe Dutra. “What better match than dark chocolate and protein?”
Other  Kimmie Candy products include Sunbursts, ChocoRocks, Natural Pistachios, DateMe’s, Xpressos, Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bites, and more.