Spangler Candy Co. has brought back the Necco Chocolate Wafer Roll, available online and in-store this spring.

While the Necco Wafer Original rolls offer eight different flavors and colors, when consumers unwrap the Chocolate Roll, they find 40 all-chocolate wafers.

“Once we brought back the original assorted roll of Necco Wafers this past summer, the demand for the Chocolate Roll was almost instantaneous,” said Diana Eschhofen, Spangler Candy’s director, corporate communications. “We know this has been a long-awaited return, and we’re ready to give chocolate candy lovers something they’ve been missing.” 

Spangler acquired Necco Wafers in 2018. After a two-year hiatus, Spangler was able to return the original Necco Wafers rolls to store shelves with the recipe remaining essentially unchanged. Fans may detect a slight difference in the taste of the chocolate wafers, however, since a minor improvement in the cooking process gives the chocolate wafers a richer cocoa flavor. 

“We are confident that original and new fans alike will be delighted with the experience of the Necco Chocolate Wafer Roll,” Eschhofen says.

The Chocolate Rolls are available for purchase in single rolls or 24-ct. trays online at They’ll be available at select retailers this spring.