Streetwear brand Sprayground is teaming up with the Hershey's brand on a crossover designed to delight those with a sweet tooth and an eye for fashion.

Sprayground and Hershey’s have introduced a backpack that features an augmented-reality Hershey’s chocolate bar. The design features the iconic Hershey’s chocolate bar “pips” and Sprayground’s iconic 4D shark-bite that fans know and love.

“The Sprayground and Hershey’s collection is the perfect pairing of style and sweetness,” said David BenDavid, founder and creative director of Sprayground. “Bringing our iconic brands to life beyond the chocolate shop and into the world of streetwear is an exciting way to connect with our fashion-forward customers who like to think outside of the box.” 

Sprayground has integrated functionality with designated partitions for USB sticks, wires, cables and a laptop, as well as a velour pouch and zippered compartments to securely store more than a stash of chocolate bars.

“Expanding Hershey’s beyond the candy aisle and into fashion creates an unique opportunity to connect chocolate lovers and fashion seekers nationwide,” said Ernie Savo, senior director, licensing, The Hershey Co. “Partnering with David and the team at Sprayground to create a mouth-watering, almost edible Hershey’s backpack confirms that this will be a must-have accessory of the summer.”

Launching April 15, the Hershey’s backpack will be available on Sprayground’s website and exclusive boutiques nationwide, including Hershey’s Chocolate World.