Wanted: A new Miss ChocoVine. Requirements: A sweet voice, a “chocolaty smile,” and a sensuously sweet face. Must love wine, and be able to sing in both English and Spanish.

A search is now underway for a new Miss ChocoVine, and it’s being led by the public relations company TransMedia Group. And whoever she is, she’ll represent ChocoVine, a chocolate wine created by pairing a rich Dutch chocolate with a fine French cabernet.

Specifically, they’re looking for someone who has a “flirtatious face and engaging voice.”

"We've already started searching for Miss ChocoVine, who'll be the sensuously sweet face and mellifluous voice behind ChocoVine,” says Adrienne Mazzone, v.p. of art and entertainment at the international PR firm.

The PR firm, known for its national promotions for food and beverage, says  'Miss ChocoVine has to personify the sensuously rich and audaciously seductive taste of America's favorite alternative to cream liqueurs — ChocoVine."

TransMedia said its publicity will highlight the fact that since the chocolate wine launched two years ago, it has sold over 16 million bottles to chocolate-loving, cordial-appreciating consumers.

"We'll have Miss ChocoVine explain in words and song, and in both English and Spanish how ChocoVine has become the most successful wine of its category in the United States," says Mazzone. "It started by word of mouth, and today people only have to taste ChocoVine to become enchanted with its seductive taste."

ChocoVine is blended in Holland by one of the oldest, most respected manufacturers in the world.

“[Miss ChocoVine] will be toasting it in commercials and advertising nationally and in Central and South America,” Mazzone says. “She'll be showing how it can be served on the rocks, as the main ingredient to an array of sinful cocktails like 'Chocolada,' a more tempting version of Pina Colada."

The importer, Clever Imports, also has other flavors, including ChocoVine Raspberry, a blend of rich chocolate and raspberry flavors, and Chocovine Espresso. With an average retail price of $10-$12, gluten-free ChocoVine is available nationwide at all major retailer and chain stores.