Mount Franklin Nutritionals, a manufacturer of gummy nutritional supplements, organic gummies and fruit snacks and a subsidiary of El Paso, Texas-based Mount Franklin Foods, says its new 100,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility in Sumter, S.C., is primed to serve the “rapidly growing,” $2.7-billion nutraceuticals industry.

The facility, which can produce 11 million gummies per day, was built to deliver top-quality nutritionals for private-label and co-manufacturing customers in the United States and internationally, the company says.

“Our goal is to deliver innovative products that anticipate consumer demand,” said Gary Ricco, president and ceo of Mount Franklin Foods. “We help our customers provide nutritionals that will be popular tomorrow versus what was possible yesterday. That innovation combined with our commitment to quality is what sets Mount Franklin Nutritionals apart and ensures our customers maintain a strong competitive edge.”

According to Mount Franklin Nutritionals, the new facility was specifically designed to manufacture nutritionals, utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure stringent regulations are met. The facility is SQF Level 3 certified, cGMP and CFR111 compliant, organic certified and kosher.

In addition, the company is certified through NSF's Certified for Sport Program, which includes product testing for more than 265 banned substances, label content confirmation, formulation and label review, production facility and supplier inspections, as well as ongoing monitoring in line with substance prohibitive lists, allowing athletes, coaches, dietitians, and trainers to make more informed decisions when choosing sports supplements.

Mount Franklin Nutritionals uses non-GMO, organic-compliant ingredients, including pectin- and gelatin-based formulations with natural colors and flavors. It is geared up to run products that are fortified with multivitamins and other high-quality ingredients, and will be reducing added sugars whenever possible by using organic sourced fruit juices and will not be using corn syrup in any of its nutritionals, the company says.

Through the use of proprietary flavors, formulas, shapes and sizes, as well as extensive packaging capabilities that include bagging, bottling and bulk, Mount Franklin Nutritionals touts its ability to create new, unique products designed to meet ever-changing customer demands.

“This is an exciting time for Mount Franklin Foods as we expand our nutritionals business, and we’re doing it the right way, with the right products and the right ingredients,” Ricco adds. “We’re also tapping the right people, having brought in seasoned veterans from the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries across our organization — from R&D and quality control to sales and customer service and beyond.”