At Interpack 2011, NID will proudly launch its new generation of high-speed mogul lines and depositing pumps. With more than 600 moguls sold worldwide over the last 53 years, NID’s  traditional reliability and performance is well known in the confectionery industry.

The new mogul lines will feature such innovations as depositing pumps that easily slide out for “off machine cleaning” ensuring no production time is lost due to cleaning the depositing pumps between production runs. The under-hung dust extraction system in the demoulding section ensures a starch dust-free zone in the starch moulding room.


The expanded depositing pump range gives new and existing NID mogul owners the choice of choosing their preferred style of pump, be it a valve bar pump or the rotary valve pump. The NID rotary valve pump also offers precise depositing control matching that of the valve bar style.

Both pump styles are offered in a full range of pump configurations (e.g. side by side, universal or tri-color) and are designed to produce traditionally deposited confectionery masses ranging from one color per piece, side-by-side colored articles or center-in-shell articles depositing up to six colors per tray (nine in the case of the tri-color pumps).

A wide range of product layout configurations can be achieved using the same pump and interchanging the nozzle plates.  

For more information, 

At interpack, stop by booth D24, hall 3.