heautoscopic jaunt

Falling hair, a curved back, legs crossed at the knee. A statue that’s smooth, bright and silky white. But it’s not made from stone, nor marble, nor plaster. It’s white chocolate.

Heather Joy Puskarich, the artist behind the beautiful sculpture, used more than 350 lbs. of Sarris white chocolate to create the project – a life-size model of her own body. She named the creation “Heautoscopic Jaunt.” (A name given after the psychological term “heautoscopy” – the hallucination of seeing one’s own body from the outside, at a distance.)

Sarris Candies, of Canonsburg, Pa., developed the white chocolate and coating especially for Puskarich’s solid cast and sculpted artwork. Formed by filling and cooling chocolate in a mould cast from her own body, Heather added minute details to the sculpture using her hands and Sarris’ specially formulated white chocolate coating.

The detail of the piece is staggering – tendons, wrinkles, and toenails all appear to be made from the smoothest marble, though the sculpture is decidedly sweeter.

Available for viewing by appointment at the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery in Alfred, N.Y., Puskarich’s piece is part of a larger culmination exhibit showcasing the works of MFA degree candidates in ceramic arts, sculpture, glass and electronic arts.