ECRM New Products

This year’s ECRM Everyday & Non-Seasonal is slated for sunny San Diego, Sept. 14-17! And Candy Industry Magazine can’t wait to try all the new treats debuting at the show!

We already know there will be plenty of delicious candy, because we’ve compiled a preview of the event. It’s an extensive list of products slated to be showcased at this year’s show, and they’re all listed alphabetically by company, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for!

Candy Industry Magazinealso will be hosting a Buyer’s Choice at this year’s event, which will include three different categories: Chocolate, Non-Chocolate and Novelty. So manufacturers don’t forget to submit you’re samples, and buyers, don’t forget to vote!

And be sure to check out our November issue for our post-show coverage, which will feature the winners of the Buyer’s Choice and more products from the show!

ECRM preview products

Amerilab Technologies
Fizzies StarZ
Amerilab Technologies, Plymouth, Minn.   
(877) 349-9437        

The new Fizzies StarZ are an innovative line of effervescent candy in a foil pouch that fizzes in your mouth or in water to create a flavorful drink. Fizzies StarZ comes in three of delicious flavors, including: orange, fruit punch, and grape. Each piece is pressed out in a mini star to maximize the fun.

And, Fizzies StarZ are sugar-free and made in a factory where there are no nuts.

S.R.P.: $0.99

ECRM preview products

Baron Chocolatier
Baron Desert Collection   
Baron Chocolatier, Vernon Hills, Ill. & Poznan, Poland      
(847) 520-2215        

These Decadent Desert Truffles come in four indulgent flavors, including: Strawberry Cheesecake, Lava Cake, Caramel Brownie, Dark Raspberry Delight. They’re unique, different, indulgent and premium without the premium price.

S.R.P.: (5.25-oz. bag) $2.99

ECRM preview products

Candy Dynamics Goop Gum        
Candy Dynamics, Carmel, Ind.    
(888) 400-7606        

This new sour Goop Gum by the makers of Toxic Waste Candy is Gum is a delicious sour bubble gum that’s oozing with sour slime. The green Goop Gum is available in 4-ct. flow packs, as well as 120-ct. bulk bags and 60-ct. fish bowls.

S.R.P.: N/A

ECRM preview products

Organic Dark Chocolate Bar with Quinoa 
Perpignan, France         
(347) 414–0451       

This all-natural dark chocolate bar with quinoa is part of CEMOI’s delicious organic collection, which features USDA-certified organic chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans. In addition to the 64 percent dark chocolate quinoa bar, CEMOI’s organic collection houses a variety of other bars, including a 74 percent dark chocolate bar, a dark chocolate bar with raspberry, a dark chocolate bar with orange, a dark chocolate bar with almonds, a milk chocolate bar, a milk chocolate bar with coconut, a milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts and a white chocolate bar with real cranberries. CEMOI’s organic line also includes all-natural fruit jellies made with natural mango, cranberry and orange flavors.

S.R.P.: (3.5-oz. bar) $2.99

ECRM preview products

Dorval Trading Co.,
Sour Power Wild Cherry Straw Packages  
Dorval Trading Co., Ltd.
Nanuet, N.Y.  

The newest Sour Power Straw features a delicious wild flavor: Wild Cherry Sour Power! The flavor joins the existing line of Straws that also includes: Cotton Candy, Pink Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Strawberry, Green Apple and Sour Power Sortz.

The Wild Cherry Straw Packages are packed in 23-ct. display boxes, making it a great visual item for any retailer.

S.R.P.:  (1.75-oz. bag) $0.99

ECRM preview products

G.Debbas Chocolatier
Ice Cream Truffle Mini Cone      
G.Debbas Chocolatier, Fresno, Calif.          
(559) 294-2071        

These delicious Ice Cream Truffle Mini Cones currently come in four flavors, including: Cookies and Cream, Orange Cream, Lemon Sorbet, and Mint Chip.           

S.R.P.:  (1 Cone) $2.99

ECRM preview products

Goody Good Stuff 
Cloetta UK, Heysham, UK          
+44845 643 9333

Goody Good Stuff is an all-natural, vegan alternative to traditional gelatin-based gummy candy. Using only natural colors and flavors, the entire range is free from gluten, lactose, GMO, soy and dyes and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The range includes such classic flavors as Cola Breeze and Koala Gummy Bears, as well as fruity modern flavors including Summer Peaches, Tangy Fruit Salad and Tropical Fruit.           

S.R.P. (8-oz. sanding pouch) $3.99

ECRM preview products

Hawaiian Host, Inc.,
AlohaMacs Milk, AlohaMacs Dark and Maui Caramacs      
Hawaiian Host, Inc., Gardena, Calif.  
(310) 532-0543        

AlohaMacs features either milk or dark chocolate and dry roasted macadamia nuts, while Maui Caramacs feature caramel, milk chocolate, and dry roasted macadamia nuts.       

S.R.P.: (4.5oz - 5.0-oz.)$4.79      

ECRM preview products

Jacquii LLC
Eatwhatever Ginger
Jacquii LLC,  New York, N.Y.    
(646) 403-7636        

Eatwhateverbreath fresheners now come in a delicious ginger flavor. The two-step system to kissable breath features a gel to swallow and a mint to suck on. This new ginger flavor calms your stomach and eases nausea whilst providing fresh breath even after garlic! Eatwhatever is all-natural, vegan, gluten-free and contains organic oils      

S.R.P.: (10 gels and 10 mints) $3.99

ECRM preview products

Kruger Cho’ Go
Kruger, Oak Park, Ill.      
(708) 851-3670

These new Cho’ Go comes in three chocolaty flavors: Cornflakes, Crispies and Loops.

S.R.P.: N/A

ECRM preview products

Laima/ NP Foods
Moments by Laima   
Laima/ NP Foods, Riga, Latvia
(908) 425-8657 

These soft “Moments by Laima” are a line of light European-style marshmallows covered in premium dark chocolate, and come in two flavors, including: raspberry and vanilla. 

S.R.P.: ( 3-pack)$1.19; (Stand-up bag) $3.69

ECRM preview products

Loco Brands
Eat the Bears 
Loco Brands, Hallandale Beach, Fla.    
(754) 888-5508        

PLEASE EAT THE BEARS are fruit gummy bears carefully developed for children, and are made to be “beary” appealing to parents as well. The portioned-control 10-pouch gummy bears are gluten-free, GMO-free, and have no artificial colors and preservatives.


ECRM preview products

The Lovely Candy Co.
Lovely Candy Gluten-Free Licorice
The Lovely Candy Co., LLC, Woodstock, Ill.           
(815) 337-0673        

Lovely CandyGluten-Free Licorice is the first extruded, gluten-free licorice made in North America. It has all the taste and texture of premium licorice without gluten, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial colors or flavors. The product marks an industry first and opens the door for hundreds of thousands of consumers who have food sensitivities such as celiac disease, or who choose a gluten-free diet. Made with natural ingredients, the gluten-free licorice is available in 6-oz. stand-up pouches. It’s available in three flavors: black, cherry and strawberry.

S.R.P.: (6-oz. Stand-up pouch)$3.99   

ECRM preview products

McSteven’s, Inc.
Redneck Cafe Cocoa Mixes      
McSteven’s, Inc., Vancouver, Wash.      
(360) 944-5788

After the screaming success of the company’s Redneck Cafe Bacon Cocoa packets, McSteven’s is going hog-wild with its new Redneck Drinkin’ Jar. Available in Bacon Chocolate Cocoa and Biscuits & Gravy Flavored Cocoa, it’s everything their customers expect from the company! The jars are reusable and make a great gift.         


ECRM preview products

Mount Franklin Foods LLC dba Sunrise Confections Temple Run Gummies      
Mount Franklin Foods LLC dba Sunrise Confections, El Paso, Texas  
(915) 877-1173        

This new gummy treat ties into the popular mobile game. It features six delicious Temple Run gummy icons in a variety of colors and fruity flavors including: apple, cherry, lemon, orange, pineapple, and blue raspberry.

S.R.P.: (3.5-oz. theater box)$1-$1.69

ECRM preview products

NECCO, Revere, Mass. 
(800) 225-5508

NECCO Wafers      

NECCOWafers are one of America’s most classic candies, beloved for over a century by generations of fans, young and old alike. Embracing a 167-year story of proud American manufacturing, NECCO has revamped the packaging of this iconic treat, highlighting the company’s red, white and blue colors with bold stars lining the wrapper. The new font, design and overall appeal of the packaging modernizes the proud history behind the brand. Though the packaging is brand new, the NECCO Wafer product remains the same, featuring the eight original flavors, including: orange, lemon, lime, clove, chocolate, cinnamon, licorice, and wintergreen.

S.R.P.: (2.02-oz. roll)$1

ECRM preview products

Mary Jane 5 Piece Bar      

First created in 1914, Mary Jane is a beloved classic peanut butter and molasses flavored chewy treat. For years, this candy had been only wrapped individually and sold most often as penny candy in retail outlets. Now though, this new item packs 5 individually-wrapped Mary Jane pieces into one single count good, revolutionizing the shelf presence of this classic sweet and providing added value to the consumer.

S.R.P.: (1.41-oz. bar)$1

ECRM preview products

PEZ Candy, Inc.
Orange, Conn. 
(203) 795-0531

PEZ Wildlife Animals

PEZis introducing a new fun and iconic “Wildlife Animal” plush dispenser assortment. The first animals in this product line are the elephant, giraffe, white tiger, and gorilla. In addition, various yummy fruit flavored candy rolls come in each blister pack.

Candy flavors includes: Orange, Lemon, Grape, and Raspberry, Cherry, and Chocolate

S.R.P.: (12-ct.)$1.69

ECRM preview products

FROZEN PEZ Candy Dispenser Twin Set

This fun and iconic PEZ Candy twin-pack dispenser assortment provides Frozen PEZ candy dispensers of Anna and Elsa. In addition, various yummy fruit-flavored candy rolls are featured in each blister pack. The flavors include: Orange, Lemon, Grape, Raspberry, Cherry, and Chocolate.

S.R.P.: (5.3-oz. box)$4.99

ECRM preview products

Piedmont Candy Co. Red Bird Soft Peppermint Puffs’s new packaging and Assorted Mix
Piedmont Candy Co., Lexington, N.C. • (336) 248-2477   

Red Bird Soft Peppermint Puffsare definitely a classic, but that doesn’t mean they’re resting on their laurels. While Red Bird has been making peppermint puffs since 1890 the company has recently updated its brand logo and packaging, and debuted an assorted line featuring new flavors. The assorted mix includes: lemon, orange, watermelon, cotton candy, strawberry, passion fruit, key lime, pink grapefruit, green apple and cream penny flavors. All the Red Bird products are gluten-free, fat-free and Kosher.

S.R.P.: (46-oz. package)$7.99

ECRM preview products

PUR Gum PUR Cinnamon and PUR Coolmint   
PUR Gum, Toronto, Canada 
(416) 951- 7557

PÜR Cinnamon captures the perfect balance of hot and sweet sensations from nature’s very own cinnamon bark. Infused naturally, PÜR’s hottest new flavor is bringing the heat this summer made with absolutely no artificial ingredients!

Meanwhile, PÜR Coolmint refreshes your breath with a clean, crisp, and chilling flavor, featuring natural mint revitalizing senses for a refreshing and exhilarating experience.

S.R.P.: (9-piece blister pack)$1.69; (57-piece bag) $4.79

ECRM preview products

Squire Boone Village Slobber Jawbbers    
Squire Boone Village, New Albany, Ind.
(888) 234-1804        

The more kids lick the delicious Slobber Jawbber, the more the colors and flavors they’ll discover! This giant, colorful jawbreaker on a stick is 1.75 inches around — big enough to keep kids happy for hours! And once they reach the middle they get another treat — a delicious bubblegum center! They’re packed in a 12-count self-merchandising box.   


ECRM preview products

Ulker Eksper
Yupo Line
Ulker Eksper, Istanbul, Turkey
(937) 477-1948         

This line includes Yupo gummy bears, sours, lollipops, licorice and more!

S.R.P.:Are provided individually for each product. They range from $1-$5

ECRM preview products

Ultra USA
Ultra USA, Houston, Texas 
(281) 769-5053

These marshmallow lollipops are covered with chocolate and gummies. They’re available in two sizes: A 1.4-oz. Chokoleta and a 0.77-oz. Mini Chokoleta.


ECRM preview products

The Warrell Corp.,
Camp Hill, Pa.
(800) 233-7082

Cravemmm! Sweet and Spicy Peanuts seasoned with Old Bay 

This savory snack combines the bold flavor of OLD BAY with sweet butter-toasted peanuts. All Cravemmm! varieties are sold in convenient 12-ct. display caddies suitable for shelf or countertop retailing, and they are also hole-punched to enable peg display.     

S.R.P.: (2.5-oz. bag)$1.99

ECRM preview products

Katharine Beecher Gourmet Brittles 

This delicious brittle comes in two flavors: Traditional Peanut Brittle and Butter Cinnamon Pecan Brittle. Both are rich and buttery, for a softer bite. And both feature chunks of nuts you can see and taste with every bite.     

S.R.P.: (7-oz. bag)$3.49

ECRM preview products

Pennsylvania Dutch Candies Gourmet Brittles  

This crunchy treat comes in two delicious flavors:  Peanut Butter Brittle and Cajun Spice Peanut Brittle.


ECRM preview products

Taffy Flipstick Bars  

The original Flipstick Taffy now comes in a bar! It’s available in four delicious flavors, including: Wild Cherry, Sour Apple, Sour Blue Raspberry, and Watermelon.

S.R.P.: (0.5-oz. bar)$0.25