ECRM hosted its annual Candy Planning: Christmas & Halloween program Feb. 17-24 virtually on its proprietary ECRM Connect platform.

ECRM brings together manufacturers and candy buyers for video meetings that last 5, 10 or 20 minutes. Candy Industry met with manufacturers to learn more about the products they were debuting or showcasing during the six-day session.

Below are the products we saw and loved during the program.

Adams & Brooks, Inc.

San Bernardino, Calif. / (909) 880-2305 /

Unicorn Cow Tales







Cow Tales Unicorn Pops
These twisty hard candy pops are vanilla and caramel flavored, just like the iconic chewy caramel treat. Each box, which can be merchandised as a standup counter or a laydown count goods box, contains 24 pops.
S.R.P. (0.75 oz.): $1.49

Fairtime taffy







Fairtime Taffy Mixes
In addition to the Pumpkin Spice variety, Fairtime Taffy is available in two seasonal mixes. The Autumn Mix includes Pumpkin Pie & Whipped Cream, Candy Corn and Caramel Apple. The Festive Mix includes Candy Cane, Sugar Cookie and Cocoa & Marshmallow.
S.R.P. (19 oz.): $4.99


Bakery Bling

Oklahoma City, Okla. / (949) 424-9988 /

Bakery Bling







Dia de los Muertos Gingerbread House Kit
This kit includes pre-baked house cookies, glittery sugar, themed royal icing pieces, icing and step-by-step instructions.
S.R.P.: N/A

Glittery Pink Dreamland Designer Gingerbread House Kit
This kit includes pre-baked house cookies, glittery sugar, themed royal icing pieces, icing and step-by-step instructions.
S.R.P.: N/A

Magical Manor Designer Gingerbread Insta-House Kit
This kit includes the patent-pending Insta-House plastic shell to which builders can glue pre-baked gingerbread cookie house pieces, allowing them to assemble the house in minutes. The kit also includes glittery sugar, themed royal icing pieces, icing and step-by-step instructions.
S.R.P.: N/A


Basic Promotions, Inc.

Baltimore, Md. / (410) 559-6580 /

Basic Promotions Hot Choco bombs





Milk Chocolate Choco Bombs
These 1.6-oz. milk chocolate bombs are packed with mini marshmallows for the perfect cup of hot cocoa.
S.R.P.: N/A

Basic Promotions







Hot Cocoa Kit
This kit features two hot chocolate packets, four mini Christmas cookies, a mini decorated gingerbread house, a 30-gram bag of marshmallows and two peppermint candy stirring spoons.
S.R.P. (19.61 oz.): N/A

Ugly Sweater Sugar Cookies
These hand-decorated sugar cookies look just like festive Christmas sweaters. Each sleeve contains four cookies.
S.R.P. (0.99 oz.): N/A


Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe

Centerville, Utah / (801) 292-1339 /

Avalanche Snacks







Great American Fudge Co. Avalanche Snacks
This line of poppable snacks includes three varieties:

  • Alpine Pretzels: Salty pretzels buried in powder-snow fudge
  • Grand Teton Mix: Crunchy cereal and pretzels buried in powder-snow fudge
  • Pikes Peak S’mores: Crunch grahams, marshmallows and chocolate chips buried in powder-snow fudge

S.R.P. (5 oz.): $4.99

Soft Butter Caramels







Great American Fudge Co. Soft Butter Caramels
Hand-crafted in small-batch kettles, these caramels contain no corn syrup. They’re available in four varieties: Classic, Sea Salt, Coffee and Licorice.
S.R.P. (5 oz.): $4.99


Brown & Haley

Tacoma, Wash. / (253) 620-3000 /

ROCA Bites







ROCA Bites
These bite-sized bites of buttercrunch toffee are covered in 100% sustainable cacao. Available in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Almond varieties, they’re free of GMOs, gluten and artificial colors and flavors.
S.R.P.: N/A



Louisville, Ky. / (502) 893-3626 /

Holiday Candyrific







The Elf on the Shelf Gift Hunt
The Elf on the Shelf Gift Hunt bag includes 12 plastic presents with removable lids. Each present comes with a bag of pressed dextrose star-shaped candies. These small presents, along with the family’s The Elf on the Shelf, add to the holiday fun of hunting and seeking each morning.
S.R.P.: $7.99

Melting Snowman Marshmallows Set
This hot cocoa set is as delicious as it is adorable. Each package includes two packets of hot cocoa, two peppermint sticks and two smiling snowman marshmallows.
S.R.P.: $4.99 


Chocmod USA, Inc.

Fort Lee, N.J. / (201) 585-8730 /

Chocmod truffles

Truffettes de France Dusted Truffles
These rich cocoa truffles are now available in a Champagne variety, dusted with cocoa powder. They’re also available in four seasonal varieties: Pumpkin Spice, Candy Cane and Gingerbread, all dusted with cocoa powder, and Maple, dusted with maple sugar.
S.R.P. (150-200g): N/A

Chocmod truffle tins







Truffettes de France Collector Tins
These elegant floral tins are available with either 9 oz. or 16 oz. of rich cocoa-dusted truffles.
S.R.P.: N/A

Chocmod nougat







Truffettes de France Soft Nougat
These soft nougat pieces are gluten-free and available in Almond, Pistachio and Chocolate varieties.
S.R.P.(2.82 oz.-3.17 oz.): N/A

Chocmod Peppermint Snacking Chocolate







Truffettes de France Snacking Chocolate
The limited-edition Peppermint & White Chocolate variety features a soft peppermint truffle center coated in white chocolate and peppermint candy pieces.
S.R.P. (5 oz.): N/A


Doscher’s Candies

Cincinnati, Ohio / (513) 381-8656 /

Doschers holiday







Hanukkah Candy Canes
These handcrafted, blue-and-white candy canes are made with natural peppermint oil. There are five kosher-certified candy canes in each box.
S.R.P. (4.05 oz.): $4.99
Hanukkah Candy Buttons
These bright blue candy buttons have a Blueberry Lime flavor and are gluten-free and kosher certified. Each festive package comes with two strips of candy buttons.
S.R.P.: 10 for $10

Bequet Caramel standup pouches
These award-winning caramels, made by hand in Bozeman, Mont., are now available in retail-ready standup pouches. They’re made without artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.
S.R.P. (3.6 oz.): $4.99


Enstrom Candies, Inc.

Grand Junction, Colo. / (970) 683-2483 /

New Belgium Truffles







New Belgium Truffles
Enstrom has collaborated with Fort Collins, Colorado-based brewery New Belgium to develop three truffles inspired by New Belgium’s popular beers. They include:

  • Milk Chocolate Amber Ale: Creamy milk chocolate with the classic toasted biscuit notes of an amber ale. Bask in the caramel and green apple aromas of these truffles while enjoying a crisp Fat Tire Amber Ale.
  • Dark Chocolate Dark Ale: Dark chocolate with the roasted bitterness of a dark ale. Along with coffee and cocoa notes, this truffle may be further savored with a New Belgium 1554 Dark Ale in hand.
  • Dark Chocolate Tripel Ale: Dark chocolate with a smooth sweetness of a Belgium-style tripel. Complement the citrus flavors of this truffle with a New Belgium Trippel Belgian-Style Ale.

S.R.P. (6.08 oz.): $10.95


Gerrit J. Verberg Co.

Fenton, Mich. / (810) 750-9779 /

Fort Knox Chocolate Spoons

Fort Knox Chocolate Spoons
These chocolate spoons are perfect for stirring hot cocoa, coffee or other hot drinks. Featuring six spoons, they’re available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties, as well as a milk and white chocolate mixed pack.
S.R.P. (2.12 oz.): $1.99-$2.99

Fort Knox Mega Bank Note






Fort Knox Mega Bank Note
Packaged to look like a $100 bill, this bank note features 20 gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins inside.
S.R.P. (3.52 oz.) $3.99

Gerrits Teaberry gum




Gerrit’s Teaberry Gum
After a 10-year hiatus, Gerrit J. Verberg is bringing back Teaberry gum again. Inspired by the century-old Clark Company creation, this nostalgic gum has a refreshing minty flavor.
S.R.P.: $0.99-$1.29

Gerrits Mini Chicles







Gerrit Mini-Mini Chicles
These crunchy coated gum pieces are available in a fruity variety and a sugar-free minty variety.
S.R.P. (0.69 oz.): $0.99-$1.29


Henry Lambertz, Inc.

Fairfield, N.J. / (973) 557-2946 /

Henry Lambertz everyday packaging













New everyday packaging
Lambertz’s cookie range is now available in elegant gold-and-white everyday packaging. Available products include Balena (shortbread with dark chocolate) and Divina (crisp cookie rolls), as well as the European Cookie Collection, Biscuit Sensation, Traditional Favorites and Chocolate Cookies assortments.
S.R.P. (4.4 oz.-17.64 oz.): $2.99-$7.99


Hilco LLC

Louisville, Ky. / (502) 785-3087 /

Hilco Kool-Aid







Kool-Aid Dipping Candy
Hilco has teamed up with Kraft Heinz to offer Kool-Aid Dipping Candy. Each pouch includes two types of candy — Kool-Aid flavored powdered candy in Blue Raspberry and Cherry flavors and edible dextrose candy sticks. Just grab a candy stick on one side of the pouch and dip it into the Kool-Aid flavored candy powder on the other side. 
S.R.P. (2.1 oz.): $1.49-$1.99

Kool-Aid Cotton Candy
Hilco has joined with Kraft Heinz to create Kool-Aid Cotton Candy tubs and peg bags. Each tub comes with a combination of two flavors, Kool-Aid Tropical Punch and Cherry, and the peg bag is available in Tropical Punch flavor.
S.R.P.: 1.5-oz. peg bag, $1.49 - $1.99; 4-oz. tub, $3.99 - $4.99


House of Dorchester LTD

Dorchester, England, UK / +44-1305-755-771 /

House of Dorchester Carolmels







Christmas Carolmels
Nine shimmery bonbons in burgandy, gold and silver are filled with salted caramel.
S.R.P. (3.67 oz): $12.99

House of Dorchester Animal Thins

Holiday Animal Slims
These individually-wrapped milk chocolate pieces feature animals in festive Santa hats and costumes. They’re available in a 7-pack with a variety of animal pictures, as well as 12-packs featuring either dogs or cats.
S.R.P.: 7-pack, $4.99; 12-pack, $9.99


Just Born, Inc.

Bethlehem, Pa. / (610) 867-7568 /

Peeps Skulls Stockings







Peeps Marshmallow Skulls
These marshmallow skulls feature some brightly-colored markings typical of sugar skulls.
S.R.P.: 3-ct. package, $1; 6-ct. package, $1.49-$1.79

Peeps Marshmallow Stockings
These bright red marshmallow stockings are sure to sweeten up the holiday season.
S.R.P.: 3-ct. package, $1; 6-ct. package, $1.49-$1.79

Peeps Delights







Peeps Marshmallow Delights
Available in Double Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Bark flavors, these holiday marshmallow chicks are dipped in dark chocolate. 
S.R.P. (3-ct. package): Peppermint Bark, $1.99 -$2.49; Double Hot Chocolate, $1.69 - $2.09


Montezuma’s Chocolates

Birdham, England, UK / +44 0124 3510514 /

Montezumas Snowballs

These truffles feature a creamy white chocolate shell. They’re available with the following centers: milk chocolate peanut butter, milk chocolate orange and salted caramel.
S.R.P.: $5.99

Montezumas Snowmen







Filled Chocolate Snowmen
These stocky little snowmen are available in two varieties: Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Praline and Milk Chocolate with a Milk Chocolate Cranberry center.
S.R.P.: $7.99

Montezumas bar







Rebel Without a Claus Bar
A limited-edition winter special, this milk chocolate bar features caramelized hazelnuts and mandarin.
S.R.P.: $3.99



San Diego, Calif. / (858) 490-0490 /

Christmas Buddy Kit







Christmas Buddy Activity Kit
This kit includes two iced gingerbread man cookies, as well as red icing and chocolate-flavored lentils for decorating.
S.R.P.: (11.5 oz.): $5.99-$6.99


PEZ Candy, Inc.

Orange, Conn. / (203) 795-0531 /

PEZ ornament blister







Christmas Ornaments with Mini PEZ Dispensers
These ornaments feature either a Santa or snowman mini PEZ dispenser. Each ornament, which include a tab for easy hanging, come with two PEZ candy refills, including the seasonal Sugar Cookie flavor.
S.R.P.: $2.99-$3.49

PEZ Santa ornament







PEZ Collectible Santa Ornament
This full-body Santa dispenser is packed in a festive box with a tag for hanging and “to” and “from” spaces for gifting. Each ornament comes with six PEZ candy refills, including the seasonal Sugar Cookie flavor.
S.R.P. $3.99-$4.99

The Office PEZ







“The Office” Gift Set
This briefcase-shaped tin features four dispensers depicting some of the NBC sitcom’s iconic characters: Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. Each set comes with six PEZ candy refills.
S.R.P.: $11.99-$14.99

Game of Thrones PEZ







“Game of Thrones” Gift Set
Marking 10 years since the debut of HBO’s titan “Game of Thrones,” this gift set features four dispensers depicting Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and the Night King. Each set includes PEZ’s new Dragon Fruit flavor.
S.R.P.: $11.99-$14.99 


Primrose Candy Co.

Chicago, Ill. / (773) 276-9522 /

ECRM Products







Holiday dish candy
Primrose’s complete line of traditional holiday candy dish products have bold new packaging this holiday season. Available offerings include six holiday classics: Old Fashion Mix, Deluxe Filled Mix, Cut Rock, Baby Ribbon, Filled Raspberries and Assorted Toffees.
S.R.P.: $3.99-$4.99


Quality Candy Co.

Henderson, Nev. / (702) 565-4711 /

Sevignys ribbon candy







Sevigny’s Ribbon Candy
Available in assorted fruit flavors, these colorful, delicate candy ribbons are sure to brighten up any holiday table.
S.R.P. (9 oz.): $2.99-$3.99

Sevigny’s Premium Peppermint Ribbon Candy
Packaged in an embossed box, this elegant ribbon candy has a peppermint flavor.
S.R.P. (9 oz.): $4.99-$5.99

Sevigny’s Premium Holiday Ribbon Candy
Packaged in an embossed box, this elegant ribbon candy comes in an assortment of three flavors: Champagne & Berries, Pink Prosecco and Peppermint Chocolate Truffle.
S.R.P (14 oz.): $5.99-$6.99

Washburns hard candy







Washburn’s Hard Candy Canisters
These canisters feature traditional hard candy, as well as fruit-shape pieces filled with a cocoa paste.
S.R.P. (15.5 oz.): $2.99-$3.99

Washburns premium hard candy







Washburn’s Premium Holiday Filled Hard Candy
Packaged in festive canisters, these fruit-shaped hard candy pieces are filled with Belgian chocolate. They’re also available in Citrus and Raspberry collections.
S.R.P. (15.5 oz.): $4.99-$5.99

Gilliam candy sips







Gilliam Candy Sips Candy Straws
These hard candy straws are available in a Peppermint variety and an assortment including Peppermint, Chocomint and S’mores. Each 6.4-oz. box includes eight straws.
S.R.P.: $5.99-$7.99


Taste of Nature, Inc. / Shari’s Candies

Santa Monica, Calif. / (310) 396-4433 /

Taste of Nature Gingerbread







Gingerbread Cookie Dough Bites
These egg-free gingerbread cookie dough pieces are coated in creamy milk chocolate. They’re packaged in a theater box featuring gingerbread man and gingerbread house imagery.
S.R.P. (3.1 oz.): $1.49

Holiday Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites Box
Including two 3-oz. packages of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites per pack, this box features Santa peering over a chimney. The box also features “to” and “from” spaces for gifting.
S.R.P.: $4.99


Total Cluster Fudge

Moline, Ill. / (800) 652-8619 /

Total Cluster Fudge Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot Cocoa Bombs
Fans can drop these chocolate bombs into a cup, pour over 8 oz. of hot milk or water and stir for an instant mug of hot cocoa. Each individually-wrapped bomb comes with marshmallows pressed into the bombs. They’re available in Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Peppermint varieties.
S.R.P.: N/A

Total Cluster Fudge Latte Bombs

Latte Bombs
Fans can drop these chocolate bombs into a cup, pour over 8 oz. of hot milk or water and stir for an instant latte. Individually wrapped, they are available in Irish Cream, Mocha, Peppermint and Vanilla varieties.
S.R.P.: N/A

Total Cluster Fudge fresh fudge







Fresh Fudge
Hand-crafted in small batches, this fresh fudge is available in Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Rocky Road varieties.
S.R.P.: N/A


Turin - Mars Wrigley Mexico

Chicago, Ill. / (305) 815-8831

Peeps Delights







Baileys Chocolates Jar
These milk chocolates are available with a Baileys liquor filling. They’re also available in a non-alcoholic variety featuring Baileys-flavored ganache at the center.
S.R.P. (17.6 oz.): $9.50

Turin Baileys tubes







Baileys Chocolates Tubes
These milk chocolates are available with a Baileys Original Irish Cream liquor filling. They’re also available in a non-alcoholic variety featuring Baileys-flavored ganache at the center.
S.R.P. (7 oz.): $6.99-$9.99

Turin pouches







Baileys, Jose Cuervo Especial standup bags
These standup pouches featured milk chocolate truffles with a Baileys Original Irish Cream liquor filling and dark chocolate truffles with a Jose Cuervo Especial tequila filling.
S.R.P. (4.2 oz.): $4.99-$6.99


Zolli Candy

Walled Lake, Mich. / (248) 214-7771 /

Zolli Candy Boss Baby







Zolli Candy “Boss Baby” line
Zolli Candy has partnered with DreamWorks Animation’s “Boss Baby: Family Business” to feature characters from the upcoming film on packaging for the company’s popular, sugar-free items: Zollipops, Zollipops Tropical, Zaffi Taffi and Zolli Ball Popz.
S.R.P.: $6.99

Zolli Candy holiday cars







Holiday Card Ball Popz
A single, watermelon-flavored Zolli Ball Pop is packed in a festive holiday card featuring a reindeer or a Christmas tree. The card also features a hole for hanging.
S.R.P.(12 g): $1

Zolli Candy holiday pops







Holiday Zollipops and Ball Popz
Packed in winter-themed pouches, Zollipops are now available in a Caramel Green Apple variety. Zolli Ball Popz are also available in Blue Raspberry and assortment of Peppermint and Winter Mint flavors.
S.R.P. (5.2 oz.): $6.99