La Maison new chef
Nicolas Cloiseau

After 16 years with La Maison du Chocolat, Nicolas Cloiseau has been appointed as “chef” and creative director of the French-based chocolate company.

Cloiseau most recently served as manager of the creation atelier and will succeed Gilles Marchal, who spent five years in the position.

The pastry chef and chocolate maker will be responsible for maintaining the signature taste of La Maison and putting his creative and artistic mark on all chocolate and pastry collections.

Cloiseau joined La Maison in 1996, and was appointed to manager of the decoration atelier in 2000 after La Maison’s founder, Robert Linxe, took note of Cloiseau’s exceptional artistic sense.

In 2007, that artistic flair earned him the title of Meilleur Ouvrier of France Chocolatier, and Cloiseau was recognized for his orientation to detail and his dedication to chocolate.

 “I create chocolate just like Robert would create today,” says Cloiseau.