Organic Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & A Touch of Caramel
Salazon Chocolate Co., Eldersburg, Md.

A bit of salt, caramel and, of course, dark chocolate, makes the trail easier. Salazon Chocolate Co. debuts its Organic Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & A Touch of Organic Caramelas part of its ongoing partnership with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ACT). Made with Salazon’s organic, single-origin 57% dark chocolate and just a touch oforganic caramel, about 20% less caramel than in traditional chocolate and caramel bars, the bar gets a  hand-sprinkling of sea salt to complete the sweet and savory combination.. This is Salazon Chocolate Co.’s fifth bar in its line of products.

In teaming up ATC, Salazon Chocolate Co. has pledged to donate at least 1% of gross sales to help the organization in its conservation efforts.

S.R.P. $3.59 for  3-oz. bar