Global food company, G Willi-Food, has teamed up with Kambly, a premium Swiss biscuit producter, to launch two new kosher lines. As a result,  Kambly will become a part of Willi-Food’s kosher treats and for the first time be distributed in Israel.

Willi-Food signed an exclusivity agreement with Kambly back in January 2011 to start selling the kosher, Swiss confections throughout Israel.  

“This new launch demonstrates our commitment to developing new, innovative and high-margin food products with careful attention to meeting the special needs of our customers,” says Zwi Williger, Willi-Food’s president and coo. “This marks the first time that the famous SwissKambly brand will manufacture kosher products, all made from natural ingredients.”  

Willi-Food will add the Kambly products to a kosher line it began back in December 2010, when they co-developed a series of premium kosher Swiss chocolate bars. In the coming months, Willi-Food plans to expand this category by introducing new lines. 

 “The new series of the kosher premium Swiss chocolate bars that we introduced a few months ago has been well received by our customers and we intend to increase its verity much further,” says Williger.  

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