As fires continue to ravage the Amazon Rainforest, Alter Eco, a sustainability-minded chocolate company with an agroforestry program in the Amazon, is taking immediate action. 

Alter Eco has gathered a coalition of eco-conscious brands to help protect the Amazon and drive awareness about how to counter the effects of deforestation. As part of the newly formed Amazon Alliance, Alter Eco is protecting one tree in the Amazon for every product purchased during the month of September for a total of one million trees. The Amazon Alliance partners are making additional commitments to collectively protect three million Amazonian trees (approx. 2,463 acres) before the end of the month. 

As the Amazon plays a vital role in regulating the global climate through absorbing carbon dioxide, the recent surge in wildfires further amplifies the importance for change and preservation.  

Together with Alter Eco’s longtime agroforestry partner PUR Project, an organization dedicated to environmental regeneration and reforestation founded by Alter Eco France founder Tristan Lecomte, the Amazon Alliance is an example of brands working together to implement change for good. 

Alter Eco contributes annually to The Biocorredor Martin Sagrado project in Peru, an area made up of 147 million trees, and this region is where the Amazon Alliance conservation will be applied. The Amazon Alliance has been set up as an open model for other like-minded brands to join at any time, adding to the collective impact in the rainforest. 

Amazon Alliance partners include:

“Taking care of our planet through reforestation and conservation has been a founding pillar of our brand from the beginning, and we cannot stand by and watch as the fires in the Amazon spread,” said Alter Eco CEO Mike Forbes. “With full-circle sustainability at the foundation of our business, we believe the time for action is now, and that there is power in numbers. Giving to non-profit organizations, changing purchase habits to avoid products contributing to Amazon deforestation like beef and soy, and supporting brands with a transparent supply chain all collectively make a difference. Our mission is to help more people feel empowered to make small changes that can add up to big change for our planet.”

Alter Eco and its Amazon Alliance partners are also part of the OSC2, a national community of natural products industry CEOs and business leaders who work in innovative and collaborative ways toward positive environmental change.

The combination of conservation and reforestation that is part of Alter Eco’s ongoing agroforestry program within the farming community allows for a sustainable exchange of putting back as much as it takes out. Alter Eco is dedicated to continuing these efforts into the future as an integral part of its growing business model.