Ever stared at a painting or a sculpture and thought ‘boy, would I like to have a bite of that’?

Now you just might be able to, thanks to a new fundraiser from Britain’s Art Fund.

The fundraising initiative, ‘Fundraising for Art: It’s a Piece of Cake’, encourages art lovers to create their favorite masterpieces from around the world using food.

Money raised will help museums and galleries across the United Kingdom purchase and present great art for everyone to enjoy.

The hope is for groups of friends and family all over the world to simultaneously host raffles or bake sale events that will benefit the art fund on May 9. The groups are supposed to feature friendly competitions around making the most amazing edible creation.

'We're hoping to inspire people, through the medium of food, to raise money for our national museums and galleries,” says Katharine Richards, the campaign’ co-coordinator. “What could be more fun than recreating your favorite work of art out of simple ingredients you have in your fridge — which you can then eat!'

The Art Fund suggests decorating a cake to look like a contemporary artwork, baking a biscuit that resembles an old master painting, or making a pie inspired by a landmark building. Contestants can run with the wind, so long as their creations are made from food.

That means those who aren’t so brilliant when it comes to baking are just as welcome to the stage as are top chefs. Masterpieces can be made with uncooked ingredients including vegetables, fruit and cheese. They don’t even have to be baked.

Participants are encouraged to take inspiration from the Edible Masterpieces’ website, which features six safe-to-eat works of art from campaign coordinators and related recipies, including:


1. A Damien Hirst-inspired skull cake

Damien Hirst-inspired skull cake


2. Mondrian-inspired battenberg

Mondrian-inspired battenberg

3. Jackson Pollock-inspired crispy cake

Jackson Pollock-inspired crispy cake

4. Wedgwood-inspired shortbread

Wedgwood-inspired shortbread

5. Sarah Lucas-inspired gingerbread woman

Sarah Lucas-inspired gingerbread woman

  6. Van Gogh-inspired Ploughman's

Van Gogh inspired Ploughmans

The creations were developed with professional recipe testing by Georgia Levy, food styling by Kim Morphew, and prop styling from Lydia Brun.

Contestants can sign up for a free fundraising info pack on the site, which contains almost everything necessary to run their own event, including recipes, fundraising tips, stickers and a poster.

Finished presentations should be posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #ediblemasterpieces. The Art Fund will, in turn, share the photos with their followers.

Everyone who sends in donations they’ve raised by June 30 will be entered into a competition.  The top 25 fundraisers will have the chance to win a Travel Editions UK cultural short break for two (worth up to £800), an iPad mini, a £100 art voucher from Easyart and tickets to a London blockbuster exhibition, including a £25 voucher for the gallery cafe.