SweetTARTS College Gummies
Nestlé USA, Inc., Glendale, Calif.
(800) 225-2270

Description: Just in time for college football season, SweetTARTS has launched a limited-edition line of gummies inspired by the mascots of five major universities.

Alumni and students from the University of California - Los Angeles, the University of Texas, University of Tennessee, The Ohio State University and the University of Arkansas can enjoy these soft, chewy gummies at tailgates and rallies.

SweetTARTS College gummies are molded into the shape and color of the schools’ mascots: UCLA’s Bruin Bear in yellow; the University of Texas Longhorn in orange; University of Tennessee’s iconic “T” in orange; The Ohio State University’s Brutus Buckeye in red; and the University of Arkansas’ Razorback in red.

SweetTARTS plans to expand the line to include more schools in 2017. They’ve also partnered with IMG, an event production and brand management company, to distribute the custom SweetTARTS in bookstores and stadiums of partner universities.

Ingredients: Glucose syrup (from corn or wheat), sugar, gelatin, apple juice concentrate, and less than 2 percent of citric acid, tartaric acid, natural flavors, sodium ascorbate, palm oil, carnauba wax, beta-carotene color.

S.R.P.: (8 oz. bag) $3.28