American Licorice Company is leveraging AnswerRocket’s augmented analytics platform for data discovery and automated analysis of its syndicated market data from IRI and SPINS.

"With the continuous rapid change in consumer behavior, empowering our sales and marketing teams by way of access to answers and insights at their fingertips is critical," said Kristi Shafer, v.p. of marketing for American Licorice. "AnswerRocket has allowed us to build an architectural hub to integrate data from a variety of sources. This system allows for ease of quick analysis of category, brand, and product data, as well as deep dives into the data to make informed decisions." 

AnswerRocket allows American Licorice to ask business intelligence and analytical questions and get AI-generated data visualizations and narrative insights in seconds. Further, AnswerRocket's analytic applications, RocketBots, allow American Licorice to automate analytics workflows that would typically take analysts days or weeks to complete. Using advanced machine learning and natural language generation, RocketBots produce insights-rich stories about key performance drivers, trends, and growth opportunities.

"American Licorice Company has truly embraced the use of AI and machine learning to democratize access to data, analytics, and insights," said AnswerRocket Alon Goren. "We're excited to empower their business teams with automated analyses and a live feed of insights that directly guides their decision-making."