New DAGOBA Organic Chocolate flavors
Artisan Confections Co., Ashland, Ore.
(866) 608-6944

DAGOBA Organic Chocolate has introduced three new flavor infusions available in 2.83-oz. bars and individually-wrapped gems. Flavors include:

  • 37% Cacao Ginger Lime: Ginger and lime are delicately incorporated into smooth milk chocolate crafted from Rainforest Alliance Certified cacao.
  • 74% Cacao Picante Extra Dark Chocolate with Chiles and Cacao Nibs: Inspired by the ancient spicy drink created by Mesoamericans in the 15th century, Picante combines a rich bittersweet chocolate with nibs, vanilla and chile to create a crunchy and intriguing balance of warm spice and bold cacao flavors.
  • White Chocolate with Raspberry and Mint: Smooth white chocolate, rich in cocoa butter, is blended with tart organic raspberries and mint for a complex, refreshing flavor.

Ingredients (Ginger Lime): Organic milk chocolate [Cane sugar, cacao butter, cacao beans, milk, lecithin (soy); crystalized ginger [ginger, cane syrup]; lime oil.

S.R.P. (2.83 oz.): $3.99