Nestlé’s Skinny Cow low-fat frozen snacks brand has launched its first-ever confectionery line in the United States.

The Skinny Cow brand – famous with its majority female fan base for the company's low-calorie ice cream sandwiches, cones, cups and bars – is extending into the confectionery category with two new products, Nestlé says.

Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters are bite-sized treats with crunchy crisps, drenched in caramel and covered in either milk or dark chocolate. Meanwhile, Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp bars are delicate wafers layered with either chocolate or peanut butter, and covered with a chocolate coating.

The new products continue the Skinny Cow tradition of offering a “light”, yet still delicious and indulgent version of a treat that is otherwise forbidden.

Skinny Cow has a way of inspiring women to feel great by putting foods they may have regarded as off-limits back on the menu,” explains Tricia Bowles, spokeswoman for Skinny Cow candy, Nestlé USA, Confections & Snacks Division. “Confectionery is a natural extension for Skinny Cow. We have created a delicious, low-calorie range of treats in satisfying portion sizes for consumers who want to enjoy the sweeter things in life without compromise.”

All four Skinny Cow candy products currently are available nationwide in the United States, as single candy bars or pouches, or in take-home boxes.

Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters contain 120 calories per pouch, while Skinny Cow Heavenly Crispbars contain 110 calories per bar.

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