Ghirardelli Chocolate Co. is launching a new look and feel for its Intense Dark line to make it easier for shoppers to find on-shelf and to better communicate its intense flavor.

Consumer insights and testing guided the brand to maintain much of what consumers know and recognize about Ghirardelli, with updates to the overall look of the products for more visibility and taste appeal. Changes include a modernized font, more attention-grabbing, bold colors and improved product photography. 

Already rolling out in stores, Ghirardelli’s Intense Dark Chocolate line’s new packaging appeals to the brand's audience, while keeping the recognizable Ghirardelli look intact. Chocolate lovers will find Ghirardelli’s Intense Dark Chocolate at retailers nationwide. 

"The Intense Dark packaging redesign was a delicate balance between helping the package stand out, and not disrupting the recognition and loyalty we have with this beloved brand," said Bobby Oliver, director of Ghirardelli’s Everyday Confection business. “Not only is the vibrant new packaging more visible in aisle, we’ve also made it easier for consumers to find their favorite flavor of our intensely delicious dark chocolate.”

Along with the design update, the brand added clearer, bolder flavor callouts for immediate flavor recognition. Each flavor has its own designated color, making it easier to recognize and consistent across all formats — from bar to square. 

Ghirardelli’s Intense Dark Chocolate offers a portfolio of 11 dark chocolate recipes offered in bars and individually wrapped squares across three categories. 

High Cacao

  • 60% Cacao: Dark chocolate with 60% cacao for a robust cacao flavor with notes of ripe red fruit.
  • 72% Cacao: Dark chocolate with 72% cacao, with hints of mocha, blackberry, and dark cherry.
  • 86% Cacao: Dark chocolate with 86% cacao for a full-bodied flavor with hints of dark cherries and dried plums
  • 92% Cacao: Dark chocolate with 92% cacao with the perfect balance of fruit-forward and earthy notes

Nuts, Sweet & Salty

  • Sea Salt Almond: Dark chocolate with roasted almonds and sea salt
  • Roasted Hazelnut: Dark chocolate with the texture of crunchy roasted hazelnuts
  • Salted Caramel: Dark chocolate with crunchy caramel pieces and sea salt
  • Toffee Almond: Dark chocolate with a blend of crunchy toffee and roasted almonds


  • Raspberry: Dark chocolate with a blend of raspberry bits and raspberry flavor infusions
  • Cherry Almond: Dark chocolate with a blend of tangy cherry bits and crunchy roasted almonds
  • Blood Orange: Dark chocolate with a blend of zesty blood orange bits and blood orange flavor