CEMOI, Inc., better known as CEMOI, Chocolatier Français in the French market, opened its first North American sales office in New York City a little more than a year ago and the company continues to expand its footprint on the continent.

Since then, CEMOI has worked to introduce its premium French chocolates and exclusive recipes to the American market. As a leading confectionery company that has dominated the French market for more than 50 years, CEMOI hopes to make its confections a new favorite treat for chocolate lovers in the United States.

And the company has found some success with U.S. retailers. CEMOI will appear seasonally in multiple stores around the country this year and its organic lines will be available in Duane Reade and Target this September. CEMOI chocolates are also currently available for purchase on MyBrands.com.

CEMOI has multiple confectionery lines, ensuring that there is the perfect sweet treat for every chocolate lover.

Its three major lines include: marshmallow, premium and organic candies.

The marshmallow line, which includes the famous “Petit Ourson” or “Little Bear,” uses a 50-year-old, exclusively French recipe — the same recipe that dominates the French market today.

The premium line uses only the finest cocoa beans and ingredients to create perfectly sweet, intense dark and refreshing fruity chocolate.

And, CEMOI’s organic line includes USDA-certified organic chocolate, including a 64% dark chocolate quinoa bar that’s been a favorite at several city street fairs this summer.

As the number one chocolate producer in France, CEMOI understands the importance of creating sweet, satisfying treats while upholding its commitment to the cocoa industry.

In order to guarantee cocoa supplies for the network, CEMOI works with cocoa farmers to help improve crop yields by promoting better farming practices. This enhances the quality of the cocoa beans overall, ensures CEMOI’s ability to deliver premium chocolate to consumers and generates more economical and fair returns.

CEMOI is a family-owned company that dates back to the early 19thcentury. It’s the only company in France that controls the cocoa process from bean to bar and distinguishes itself with an atypical strategy on the chocolate market. The company is one of the leading chocolate manufacturers in Europe.