Ordering luxury chocolate has just gotten a little more personal.

Nestlé has created a new brand, Maison Cailler, for those looking to personalize their luxury chocolate, the company says.

Maison Cailler - an extension of the Callier brand bought by Nestlé in 1929 - uses a profiling system that allows consumers to find their “chocolate personality.”

To determine which of the five chocolate personalities fits the customer, they first order a box of five tasting chocolates from the Maison Cailler website. The recipient tastes the chocolates, which contain hints of milk, caramel, nut, fruit, flowers, vanilla and cocoa, and rate them online.

“Chocolate has certain attributes that people distinguish in different ways. It is like tasting wine,” says Cédric Lacroix, director of Nestlé’s Chocolate Centre of Excellence in Switzerland.

Maison Cailler then assembles a tray, which can contain 16 small chocolates or two solid chocolate carreaux, based on the results of the survey. It is also possible to select one of the 12 different varieties of chocolate for a single or double flavor tray.

Maison Cailler is a response to the changing times we live in,” says Lacroix. “People are looking for more personalized products and services, and they are increasingly purchasing these online.”

Customers interested in Maison Cailler can create a personal account on the website, which allows them to import their Facebook contacts and log the chocolate personalities of their friends.

Maison Cailler launched in early 2012 and will initially only be available in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

For more information on Maison Cailler, visit www.maisoncailler.com/en.

- M.K.