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AAK Group, one of the world's leading producers of high value-added specialty vegetable oils and fats, has acquired Oasis Foods Co.

“Oasis is a very well-run and successful company in the food service industry and it represents an excellent platform for our North American ambitions,” says Arne Frank, president and ceo at AAK. “The company’s wide variety of established food service products and brands significantly broadens our product offerings in the largest food service market in the world.”

Oasis manufactures products such as edible oils, margarine, spreads, shortenings, vinegars, mayonnaise and sauces.

“As an industry leader in vegetable oil solutions, AAK USA is the natural choice for Oasis’ future, which will contribute to a continued growth,” says Anthony Alves, president at Oasis Foods.

 Oasis Foods Co. was founded in 1975 and employs approximately 160 people at their Hillside, N.J. location. The company’s brands include Golden Harvest, Ex-Seed, Top Fry, and Red Barn.