Research from the National Confectioners Association reveals 85 percent of Americans are confident they will find creative and safe ways to celebrate the 2020 winter holidays, with chocolate and candy expected to add some enjoyment to the holiday.

“In a year when so much has changed, people are finding comfort in creative holiday traditions that involve chocolate or candy,” said NCA President and CEO John Downs. “Chocolate and candy spark all sorts of nostalgia and comforting memories – which can continue no matter how or with whom people are celebrating.”

The NCA noted 91 percent of Americans say they celebrate the winter holidays with chocolate and candy, while 80 percent of Americans will purchase as much or more chocolate and candy than normal during the 2020 winter holiday season.

NCA is delivering resources to help people manage their sugar intake around the holidays with a digital hub at For resources to help celebrate the winter holidays with safety and balance in mind, visit Winter Holidays Central.