Gummi Pop Surprise has introduced a new Holiday Hunt Series & Ornament shaped packaging for Christmas 2023. The Holiday Hunt Series comes in two SKUs with an assortment of themes and 12 New Holiday Yummy Gummies with seasonal specific shapes and flavors. The first Holiday Hunt SKU includes a variety of Ponies, Unicorn Pets, and Sweet themed characters. The 2nd Holiday Hunt SKU for Christmas 2023 includes a variety of Dragonz, Dinoz, and Motorz. All characters will be new exclusives for the holidays or limited edition versions of some of the most popular figures brought back for Christmas 2023. The suggested retail price is $2.99-$3.99.

There are 12 different holiday-themed candy shapes, colors, and flavors to collect and taste. Gummi Pop fans can go online and create their favorite festive flavor combinations and taste the entire recipe book.

Each Gummi Pop Surprise Ball includes seven surprises: one figure, one accessory, one sticker with a special holiday feature, one tattoo, and three gummi candy packs.

The new Gummi Pop Surprise Holiday Hunt packaging doubles as an ornament so fans of all ages can place the product on the Christmas tree.  

Gummi Pop Surprise will be partnering with influencers to promote the Holiday Hunt Series by creating unique branded content and running giveaways during the holiday season. 

Gummy candy flavors include:

  • Snow Berry
  • Blue Raz Flake
  • Holly Jolly
  • Berry Bells
  • Star Frost
  • And more

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