The Yumy Candy Company Inc., Canada's first publicly traded low-sugar, plant-based confectionery company, announced it has achieved the vegan certification in preparation for major orders from all natural retailers. Yumy has obtained the vegan certification for its entire product line. These new certifications allow the product to be sold in a new array of major all-natural channel of grocery stores.

"We have received significant interest from leading all-natural grocers across North America. Now that we have finally achieved our certification and fit all natural requirements, allowing us finalize earlier conversations with retailers or approach new retailers who require these specifications. Large all natural retailers include companies such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, a subsidiary of Aldi. To land on shelves of a global leader in all natural foods will be transformative for our company and will likely send us to new levels," states Erica Williams, chief executive officer at The Yumy Candy Company. "Yumy Candy strives to continually improve on quality, nutrition, safety and value. We want consumers to feel good about the food they consume and trust we are keeping their best interest in mind."

Food certification refers to the verification of products, processes, or systems in the food supply chain to meet the accepted safety parameters based on different food safety standard types. Certification of food implies that the food product complies with the respective food standards and is considered safe for consumption after numerous tests, inspections, and audits. COVID-19 had a significant impact on the Food certification market. Amid the global pandemic, there was a paradigm shift in diet and hygiene among the people, thereby increasing the demand for nutritional food. At the same time, this increased the demand for transparency, and certification of the products has surged as well. The stringent initiatives taken by the multiple governments over food safety had further added impetus to the market.

The company has also revised its gummy products to fit all-natural standards allowing the product to be sold in the natural channel of grocery store and with select premium grocery stores that require all natural products. The all-natural elements used in its products are derived from real fruits and vegetables, instead of artificial flavors. 

Yumy Candy was founded on the principle of providing a healthier alternative to traditional candy. Yumy's vegan certification ensures that all products meet strict vegan standards, meaning that the ingredients used are free from any animal-derived products. This certification is a testament to the company's commitment to producing delicious candy that is not only vegan-friendly but also healthier than traditional candy. By continually improving compliance and securing additional product benefits, the Yumy brand increases customer trust and provides a competitive advantage over like-products.