Kocoatrait has reimagined Panakam into a chocolate bar, where it makes use of the tang/sourness of the Indian origin cacao and thus eliminates the use of an additional ingredient (lemon, in this case).

Panakam is a refreshing and cooling welcome beverage from the food culture of South India. Panakam is a good choice to beat the extreme heat during Indian summers. It consists of a jaggery sweetened water with hints of tang in it from the lemon juice and is flavored with ground spices like ginger and green cardamom.

The Kocoatrait 65% dark sustainable bean to bar chocolate is one of the nine variants of The Madras Collection and is made from organic cacao beans, in-house cold pressed and unfiltered/non deodorized cocoa butter, and is vegan, gluten-free, and is sweetened with organic Jaggery. Per Kocoatrait's sustainability goals, it does not use any flavor oils or any refined ingredients in all of its chocolates, including the new Panakam bar.

The bar will retail for Rs 235 (about $2.86 USD) per 45-gram bar.

Read more about Kocoatrait sustainable chocolates here: cocoatrait.com/about-us.