Justin Frank Polgar has spent over a decade studying chocolate as a form of holistic medicine and has used his research to infuse raw, wild-harvested cacao with beneficial botanicals in his brand YES Cacao.

What can someone who eats a half pound of chocolate a day teach us? Find out with the ordained minister of chocolate, Polgar.

Each bar delivers functional amounts of ingredients that can help with physical strength, cognitive function, unwinding the nervous system, and more.

“Many people give chocolate a bad rap, thinking it’s junk food,” explains Polgar. “Cacao has been a therapeutic ritual medicine for over 4000 years, but it’s only recently—about 200 years or so—that it has become an unhealthy candy. We’re here to take it back!” 

Through his company, Polgar hopes to inspire others to lean into their own unique “yes” by cultivating a lighter heart and healthier body through chocolate.

YES Cacao bars have a suggested retail price of $27.00 for three bars.