Kanna Chews” from KA! Empathogenics are a psychoactive edible that can be used in conjunction with, or as a replacement for CBD, THC, and other substances. Additionally, the chews can help to reduce typical paranoia associated with CBD/THC use.

The chews retail for $49 per pack of eight chews, and each chew contains 30mg of standardized, high-potency Kanna extract. Consumres can take up to three Kanna Chews per 24-hour period, and the chews are made with 100% whole organic plants. 

Known to many as “the happiest plant on earth,” Kanna has been an essential ingredient of indigenous Khoisan medicinal, social, and spiritual culture for millennia. South African hunter-gatherers chewed on Kanna’s succulent roots to enhance mood, focus, and energy. Kanna quickly became the community’s heartbeat, lifeforce, and most valued trading asset. The Khoi Khoi and San peoples (collectively known as the Khoisan because of their similar languages) have stewarded its cultivation, shared its infinite wisdom and continue to revere Kanna for its stress reducing, vibe-elevating properties to this day.

Kanna Chews are available at ohmyka.com, Verishop, and Amazon.