Kiva Confections has expanded its Lost Farm range with live rosin-infused gummies and fruit chews.

Kiva originally introduced a solventless edible in 2010, and to honor that heritage it has added Cherry Lime Chews and Yuzu Fizz Gummies to Lost Farm’s core collection. In 2022, Kiva conducted a short test run of live rosin products, selling 50,000 units in three weeks.

The solventless live rosin extraction process creates a pure expression of the cannabis plant, allowing each strain’s aromas and terpenes to shine. 

The Cherry Lime Chews are made with the indica-dominant GMO strain, known for its bold, beasty skunk aroma on a background of sweet, spicy fire. The Yuzu Fizz Gummies are made with Sour Dream, a strain that crosses Blue Dream and Sour Diesen. Sativa-dominant Sour Dream offers aromas of pungent gas and sugared grapefruit.

Kiva has also introduced two limited-edition live rosin offerings. The Golden Pineapple gummies are infused with Papaya live rosin, which features tropical tree fruit on a thick, earthy background. The indica-dominant Papaya strain also produces a spicy, peppery finish.

The Sour Lemon fruit chews are infused with Amarelo, a sativa strain characterized by light, flowery herbal tea aromas accented by the fragrance of fresh, woody pine, and pepper.

The core and limited-edition live rosin offerings are available in California.