Today, Blommer Chocolate Company (USA), the largest cocoa processor and ingredient chocolate supplier in North America, and Incredo, Inc. (U.S.), a global food tech company spearheading sugar reduction, announced their plans to extend their partnership and broaden their reach into Canada. Blommer’s Discovery product line, empowered by the sugar-based sugar reduction solution Incredo Sugar, includes chocolate-flavored chips and coatings. This line of chocolate ingredients is free from high intensity sweeteners and sugar alcohols.

Since its initial launch in 2022, Blommer’s Discovery product line of reduced sugar chocolate has been successfully adopted by numerous brands in the confectionery, bakery, and frozen novelty categories. The growth and acceptance of the Discovery product line validates Mintel’s GNPD data that low and reduced sugar claims have seen impressive growth at CAGR 31% since 2019. The chocolate scientists at Blommer developed various solutions to meet the nutritional targets and flavor demands of low and reduced sugar applications.

“We noticed that 2g-4g sugar per serving is the sweet spot for many low sugar brands," says Scott Funk, vice president of sales and marketing at Blommer Chocolate Company. “It’s noteworthy mentioning that some of the Discovery products could help our customers hit that target without using any high intensity sweetener or sugar alcohols.” With FMCG Gurus’ reporting that 54% of consumers are choosing low sugar options when purchasing food and drinks, Blommer is continuing to expand this product line to address not only lower sugar content, but additional market and consumer trends such as nutrient-dense food and more affordable better-for-you products. Upcoming new products will be introduced at both Sweets & Snacks Expo in Indianapolis and IFT First in Chicago later this year.

Blommer and Incredo, Inc. invite those interested to stop by booth #11606 at Sweets & Snacks from Tuesday, May 14 to Thursday, May 16 to taste the Discovery product, or reach out to and to learn more.

“We are thrilled about the new opportunities the expanded Discovery product line will open up for food companies. With the Discovery product line, we're not just meeting but exceeding the rising demand for reduced sugar options without compromise. What's more, our commitment to being free of sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners ensures consumers can indulge in guilt-free treats, setting a new taste standard in reduced sugar chocolate indulgence," says Kelly Thompson, Incredo’s co-CEO and commercial lead.

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