Care Bears, the plush toy franchise, and Warheads, known for its Extreme Sour candies, have partnered up to create a snacking experience for candy enthusiasts of all ages. Introducing Sour Gummy Grumpy Bears, a collaboration that combines the sour flavors of Warheads with the timeless charm of Care Bears.

This June, Sour Gummy Grumpy Bears are set to launch with their twist on classic gummy bears. Just like Warheads, Grumpy Bear is sour to the core. Each bite-sized bear is bursting with Blue Raspberry flavor and is coated with sour, powered by Warheads.

"We are thrilled to partner with Care Bears in bringing Sour Gummy Grumpy Bears to life," says Lindsay Karlin, vice president of marketing and product development at Impact Confections, Inc., the makers of Warheads candy brand. "This collaboration is a perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation, capturing the essence of both brands while delivering a fresh and exciting product."

Sour Gummy Grumpy Bears are flavored in fan-favorite Blue Raspberry, and will be available in convenient 12-count 4.5-oz. Peg Bags and 12-count 3.5-oz. Theater Boxes, offering fans multiple ways to enjoy.

Embracing the industry trend of "newstalgia," Warheads and Care Bears are not only celebrating their rich histories but also paving the way for new twists on classics. With this collaboration, both brands aim to delight fans with a unique snacking experience that pays homage to their iconic roots.

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